CM14 for Redmi 2

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The CyanogenMod 14 based on Android Nougat 7.0 is getting released for many of the old and new devices. The Xiaomi users asked about the CM14 for their devices too. So the big question is, ‘Will there be CM14 for Redmi2 too?’

As we know that the device already has had a custom ROM of CM13 which even though was officially released but still, many people preferred their basic MIUI version.

The earlier CM13 ran on Android marshmallow 6.0 and if the redmi 2 users are lucky enough, they might be getting the CM14 too which runs on Android Nougat 7.0

Well, Cyanogenmod ROM is the a ROM that’s preferred over default Runs and has silent base for countless other ROMs. It’s been a window of hope for those looking to get stock Android UI on their device.

Well, the last CyanogenMod took a lot of time to officially release for Redmi2. This was because Google wanted to check whether the ROM is working fine with the other devices and then it released it for Redmi2. 
So if the same case happens this time too, expect that CM14 would hit Redmi2 in the mid-November officially (maybe!)

Why choose CM14 over MIUI?

Well this question obviously arises! Why would you choose CyanogenMod over the default MIUI?
Firstly, read my earlier post regarding the differences between CyanogenMod and MIUI.
Now I’m sure you’d have read the post. The thing is (honestly), MIUI is a bit slow over releasing the Android upgrades. The Android version so far released for Redmi 2 Prime is Lollipop and Redmi 2 is still on the same old, Android KitKat (ouch!)
The users would find it very helpful and awesome to taste the official Android Nougat 7.0 which would be provided by CM14 to them.
So in nutshell, we here believe that CM14 would be released for Redmi2 because it is being tested for many old and new phones. So fingers crossed, let’s keep waiting.
Note: This post includes Redmi 2 Prime too.

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