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The Android market is considered to be the best when it comes to providing games and applications for daily purpose.
So far, we’ve got enough stuff to fill our devices with. We’ll be discussing some of the most famous games of Android till now.


Well if you’re a hard gamer who likes racing games, this one’s for you. This game is a full package of entertainment with high quality graphics, stunning cars and exciting new locations. In this game, you’d be getting unbelievably awesome stuff with multiplayer races, custom tracks and much more that a gamer dreams about.
This game is compatible with devices with good amount of RAM. Get it here.


Now this was the game of the year 2015. At first, you’d think that people are crazy after declaring this as the game of the year but stop yourself there! This game will provide you non-stop entertainment. Once you start playing this game, it would be difficult for you to give up playing. This is a multiplayer game too and the best thing about this game is that it allows the gamer to make a level of his own and play. (Awesome!)
Download it here.


This game was released in July 2016 and was a long awaited game and still, it’s not available globally. The game works on a live internet connection and GPS while a player has to move and catch Pokémons.

Though the game isn’t available still in India on play store, my older post will redirect you to the download link. 
Download it here.


It’s been more than three good years since the game has been released. This game was released and owned by ‘Supercell’ and has been on the top trending games on Android for a pretty long time. This game provides all that a strategic gamer needs. You can make your village, destroy others’ as well as form a large clan of yours and attack globally.

Download it here.


This online multiplayer game was developed by ‘Supercell’ too. This game is based on battles by real players over which two random devices are connected to the server and they face a head to head battle. This game has been on the top for a while too with ‘Clash of Clans’ and is free to download on play store.


Now this game is what you call ‘The golden sport. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open world game where the character has to complete missions. In short, the game is a hit and a total enjoyment.

Download it here.

7) FIFA 16

Create your dream team made out of world’s best players. Take part in different championships. Become the coach of the world’s best football team in this game for Android. Select a uniform to your liking. Buy and sell players and try to get a perfectly balanced composition of the team. Exchange unwanted players for valuable prizes. Control the actions of your team on the field. Pass the ball from one player to another. Outwit the defenders of the opposing team. This game has over 500 teams and 10000 players with a whole new scenario.

Download it here.


The Walking dead is a great game to play which comes with a variety of episodes and seasons. Graphically, this game has no match! It’s totally amazing and moreover, it provides a stunning environment to play. 


Don’t judge this game by its cover. You’ve a backyard to save. Turn into a large group of powerful plants who have to save the house from zombies. This game was earlier released as the first version ‘Plants V/s Zombies’ and this is the second hit version.
Download it free from play store.
Here’s the here.


With over 10 million downloads on the play store, this game has been an addiction to every gamer. The graphics at first sight may not impress you much but the stuff that it carries is worth appreciation. This game can be played in a bunch or in a large group worldwide. Many users have voted it up to be the number 1 game of 2016.
Download it here for free.

NOTE:- Most of the games in this list is available for iOS too. We personally don’t promote any game. These games aren’t determined on the basis of their numbering here. Also, there may be some more games added within the course of time and you’ll be updated accordingly.

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